‘Jengpin Bowling’ – CEX Charity Art Exhibition and Auction

Select members of Brisbane’s advertising community were asked to transform wooden bowling pins into extraordinary works of art. Each piece was auctioned off to raise much needed funds for Youngcare. The CEX art exhibition and auction was held at the Triffid in October 2019.

Jengpin Bowling is the hand-crafted result of hours of planning, woodworking, and varnishing with David Schaak, Creative Director at Publicis Worldwide

Bowling pins stand up only to be knocked down; it’s a hard life. Here a ‘Jenga-fied’ bowling pin is presented in 43 individual pieces ready to stand tall, only to fall over. This piece goes against the usual look-but-don’t-touch attitude of the art world.

Our piece sold for the third-highest price of the night at $1400!